Financial Reporting & Tax Valuation

Summit Ridge Group’s internationally recognized industry expertise, combined with its accounting and financial expertise allows us to perform financial reporting and tax valuations thoroughly, quickly, and cost-effectively. We are not auditors or investment bankers and thus avoid the conflicts of interest that arise from those relationships. Our valuation reports are designed to withstand intense scrutiny and also seek to provide business and market insight. Our goal is to elevate what is often considered a mundane exercise into a value-added strategic process.

Financial Reporting

Management teams of both publicly traded and private companies are increasingly expected to provide fair value estimates for corporate assets to their auditors and regulatory agencies. An independent valuation is critical to this process. Our reporting related valuation services include:

  • Business Combinations (ASC 805)
  • Capital adequacy opinions
  • Fair Value measurement and disclosure (ASC 820)
  • Goodwill impairment (ASC 350)
  • Mark to market valuation
  • Portfolio valuation for private equity firms
  • Purchase price allocation (ASC 805)
  • Solvency opinions
  • Stock options


The United States Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) requires valuations, on a fair market value basis, complying with IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 in a number of situations including certain charitable donations and estate tax determination. Situations, where Summit Ridge Group can provide tax-related valuations, include:

  • Estate valuations
  • Tax consolidation
  • Capital gains tax
  • Private ruling assistance
  • Employee options

Summit Ridge Group professionals are experienced in providing tax and estate valuation services that comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (“USPAP”) and are designed to meet IRS scrutiny. Our strong industry knowledge enables us to more accurately and quickly estimate the value of complex entities in the communications sector.

Our valuations comply with the requirements of major accounting firms as well as IRS and international reporting standards.

Please contact us to discuss transaction-related challenges that may require financial expertise with a deep industry focus in the telecom, media, or satellite sector.