3.45 GHz Clearinghouse FAQs

This page answers frequently asked questions related to the 3.45 GHz Clearinghouse (the "Clearinghouse"). Answers in this section are non-binding. The FCC rules are in the FCC's Clearinghouse Order (November 10, 2022).


1. How will the Clearinghouse allocate incumbent clearing costs?

Per the FCC's requirements, the Clearinghouse will allocate costs to 3.45 GHz license winners ("License Winners") pro-rata based on the number of licenses they won, regardless of their location or the amount paid for the licenses. A list of license winners, the number of licenses they won, and their expected pro-rata share of their total costs.

2. When will the Clearinghouse start?

The FCC finalized Summit Ridge's selection as the 3.45 GHz Clearinghouse on November 2, 2023. Within 45 days, Summit Ridge will review the incumbents' costs, forecast the Clearinghouse's expenses for the six months, and send License Winners an invoice for their pro-rata cost.

3. How long do License Winner have to pay?

License winners will have 30 days to pay their pro-rata invoice or file a complaint.

4. How do I file a complaint about my invoice or about the Clearinghouse?

The Clearinghouse is available to informally discuss matters. Additionally, incumbents and License winners can protest a Clearinghouse decision or action via e-mail. Please include your name, firm and a brief description about the nature of the complaint.

5. When will the Clearinghouse end?

The Clearinghouse will notify the FCC of its intention to shut down when the reimbursement process is complete.