Summit Ridge Group has deep expertise in the media sector. In addition to covering several media portions of the satellite sector, Summit Ridge Group president and founder, J. Armand Musey, has valued several media entities. He has written extensively on the television broadcast incentive auction including publishing two law journal articles on the subject. He has also worked as an expert witness on significant matters in the media sector including testimony before the U.S. Library of Congress’ royalty arbitration board and shareholder disputes. Mr. Musey was a co-organizer of the “TV on Wall Street” track of the National Association of Broadcasters New York Show and serves on the show’s advisory board.

Summit Ridge Group has been deeply involved in many aspects of the recent Broadcast Incentive Auction in roles ranging from advising broadcasters on expected auction prices to offering comprehensive consulting support for broadcasters seeking FCC reimbursement for the costs of current spectrum repacking process.

Focus areas for our services in the media sector include

  • Cable
  • Television broadcasting
  • Radio
  • Content pricing
  • Over the Top (OTT)