Notes from STS Global’s 2016 HTS Tech Day

Attached are my notes from the 2016 STS Global’s HTS Tech Day held on August 16, 2016 in Stony Brook, NY.  STS-Global-Tech-Day-Notes . STS placed many of the speaker’s presentations to their website’s blog: (last visited August 17, 2016).

After leaving the helm of Globecomm Systems in late 2014, CEO Dave Hershberg and some of his former Globecomm colleagues regrouped to form STS, a satellite systems integration firm, in early 2015. This event follows the tradition of Globecomm’s annual Tech Day. It was a small “industry insider” event ~50 attendees but with lots of good information and discussion, particularly about the impact of high throughput satellites the satellite ecosystem, including teleports. Unfortunately, I missed the golf outing the day before and the barbecue on Sunday evening.