Notes from Forum Global’s 2023 America’s Spectrum Management Conference (held October 10-11, 2023 in Washington D.C.

Executive Summary

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The 12th Annual Americas Spectrum conference revolved around several major topics:

  • WRC 23, including fierce debates around the future of the 6 GHz band (How much should be licensed vs. unlicensed?, Should the FCC revisit its 6GHz decision?, etc.) as well as the NTIA’s upcoming National Spectrum Strategy (since released)
  • The slowdown of 5G deployment.
  • Increasing potential role of satellite communications, including direct-to-device applications.

Other trends were apparent, including:

  • Multiple acknowledgments that mmWave business models were not yet ripe as the technology is not really ready for mobile use.
  • Discussions of shared spectrum
    1. Predictably, established incumbents favor exclusive licensed spectrum that makes it harder for new entrants, while new entrants favor sharing models that allow for accelerated market access.
  • The battle between satellite operators and wireless operators is becoming fierce.
  • CBRS and LEO satellite operators are eager to get higher power limits.

As usual, the Forum Global team did an excellent job running a first-rate event.