Lack of Interdisciplinary Insight Hampers Media and Telecom Sectors

Due to the technical complexity of the media and telecom sectors most analysis is narrowly tailored. Cross-sector and multi-disciplinary analysis needed for making important decisions is often unavailable. The new Summit Ridge Group, LLC blog is designed to address this shortfall.


Despite the volumes of data about the media and communications industry available on the web, there is a severe shortage of thoughtful insight across industry sub-sectors and even fewer insights using multidisciplinary perspectives. This is largely because the complexity of the industry has forced most industry insiders into narrow silos of specialization leaving ewer opportunities for them to think across disciplines. Given the size and important of the sector to the modern economy, this puts decision makers at risk of important making decisions without adequate information. 

Summit Ridge Group, LLC is addressing this need with the launch of its media and communications sector blog available here. The new blog highlights important developments in the global media and communications sectors draws insights across multiple modes of analysis. The blog will draw on the broad background of the company’s president and founder J. Armand Musey, CFA as a former top-ranked Wall Street research analyst, an investment banker, a consultant as well as his legal training. “Our goal is to differentiate ourselves by providing the industry with not only detailed observations, but to connect those observations with insights about broader industry, economic and legal trends,” says Mr. Musey. He adds “We hope to make a positive contribution towards a more nuanced knowledge for leaders in the media and communication sectors.”

The Summit Ridge Group, LLC blog focuses on developments in the media and communications sector using our broad finance, research, legal, and industry backgrounds. Blog analysis covers topics including satellite communications, wireless telecom, spectrum, FCC policy, communication towers, broadband and related issues.

Recent blog topics have included posts on FCC spectrum policy, wireless acquisitions as well as summaries of major conferences, and academic articles. Future blogs postings will occasionally feature guest bloggers who are leading experts in particularly important and topical niches.

About Summit Ridge Group, LLC

Summit Ridge Group LLC provides valuation and strategic advisory services to the media and communications industry. We offer a unique blend of consulting, securities analysis, transaction and regulatory expertise that “fills the gap” between traditional service providers in the communications sector. Our services include valuation, strategic and regulatory advisory, custom research and litigation support.