Communications Sector Art Collection

MoSRG’s collection of communication sector art largely tracks significant developments in mass market consumer communications equipment and services. These developments include early broadcast radio in the 1920s, telephones in the 1930s and 1940s, television in the 1940s and 1950s, tubeless radios in the 1960s, etc.

Most of MoSRG’s communication sector art is in the group areas including the main bullpen, the conference room, and lounge areas. Its placement mirrors the development of mass-market communications services and equipment that was generally done by teams of people with diverse technical skills.

  • Someday Roads Will Tell Cars Where to Go.
  • 1954 Airtight Outdoor Bell Telephone Booth
  • Donald Brun
  • Spy in the Sky
  • The Fairest Music In The Land - 1961 General Electric FM Table Radio
  • American Cable & Radio Corporation Certificate
  • Arvin Car Radio
  • The Sat Map
  • Pathe Marconi -Bernard Villemot
  • 1962 General Telephone and Electronics
  • Red Telephone Box
  • Old Fashion Telephone
  • Light/Innovation/Defense/Global - General Telephone & Electronics
  • Submarines & European Telegraphs - GL Parrott,Secretary
  • Why Does The Zenith Cost more? - The Literary Digest for December 12, 1925
  • We Expected This
  • Telecommunications 40 ANS de recherches et dinhalations
  • Atwater Kent Radio
  • Midland CB Radio Automobile Truck Car
  • Grosse Deutsche Funk Ausstellung
  • Keeping You in Touch - Post and Telecommunications
  • Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company
  • ATT Telephone Kim Whitesides Lonf Distance 1970
  • The Phone You Can Use Hands Free - General Telephone & Electronics
  • Sputnik
  • Giovannis Dream