Museum of Summit Ridge Group (MoSRG)

Many thinkers, perhaps most notably Frankfurt School philosopher Walter Benjamin, argue there is significant tension between art and technological development in society. We disagree and believe the age of mechanical (and electronic) reproduction opens the horizon to more profound forms or art than were previously possible. Summit Ridge Group has assembled a significant collection of communications sector art including many vintage advertisements and posters. These holdings chronicle the development of the communications sector in the 20th century in the United States, Europe, and Russia.

Additionally, we have a noteworthy assemblage of mountaineering photography, much of it taken by Summit Ridge Group president J. Armand Musey. We affectionately refer to the Summit Ridge Group art collection as MoSRG (Museum of Summit Ridge Group).


Communications Art Gallery

Mountaineering Art Gallery

Summit Ridge Group Office Gallery

Telephone Booth

We believe that art significantly enhances our physical office space. It helps define the mood, reduces stress, reflects our values, and narrates the history of our industry. Summit Ridge Group harnesses these attributes to support our team’s ability to sustain peak performance and generate creative ideas in our high tech era.

Additional Information

Gallery viewing is by private invitation only. For additional information about the MoSRG collection, please contact our curatorial staff at