Why Summit Ridge Group

  • Opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects. Due to our narrow industry focus, Summit Ridge Group is well-known in the sectors we specialize. We are often the first call for clients who need a firm that is up to speed is their issue. As a result, Summit Ridge Group professionals have the opportunity to work on industry-leading projects that shape the communications sector in a collegial environment. Our senior-led and highly specialized teams provide around-the-clock counsel that clients trust to inform their most important decisions.
  • Work directly with senior professionals and accelerate your skill development. Our project teams are small and you will have the opportunity to work closely with senior-level professionals. Our project teams are informally structured. We seek to give our team members as much responsibility as they can handle whenever they are ready. We don't have a lock-step approach.
  • Continuous Development. Due to the rapidly changing nature of our domain areas and the importance of our client matters, continuous improvement, as professionals and as a firm, is critical. Complacency is our enemy.
  • We treat each other with respect and encourage innovative thinking. We are flexible and support each other as needed. We recognize that new ideas don't arise in an echo chamber and that there may be multiple paths to the best solution. Regardless of seniority, we encourage diverse views and respectful disagreement among colleagues. We want all team members to continuously "reach higher" to deliver superior results for our clients.
  • We invest in our employees. Our team members are our most important assets. We invest generously in our employees including informal training, formal continuing education, and the ability to regularly attend important industry conferences. We offer competitive salaries and a cafeteria-style benefits package, including medical, dental, and a 401k/profit-sharing plan.