Summit Ridge Group seeks highly motivated, talented, and committed financial professionals to join our team.

Summit Ridge Group is a young and growing New York City-based financial and industry consulting firm.  We support our clients in making critical decisions in the rapidly developing telecom, media, and satellite sectors. Our clients include leading telecommunications companies, media companies, satellite operators, law firms, government agencies, and financial institutions from around the world.

  • Summit Ridge Group operates at the intersection of three complex domain areas - financial consulting, industry expertise, and regulatory/policy. Becoming adept at one of these domain areas is a significant task. Becoming proficient at all three requires an inquisitive mind adept at digesting and continuously reevaluating large amounts of information. Moreover, technology and industry changes require continuous updating of existing skills and knowledge. Due to the need for continuous and rapid learning, we place a premium on candidates with demonstrated intellectual curiosity and eagerness to take on new challenges. We value the intense pursuit of learning and excellence, leading to the rapid improvement of team members and the firm.
  • Our team members must be willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Our clients expect top-level work, and we want people who embrace our motto of "reach higher," by constantly trying to improve for themselves and our clients. Good is rarely good enough.
  • We look for people who think independently and argue open-mindedly. They must be able to put their egos aside and assess themselves candidly. We insist our team members are considerate and have a strong sense of personal accountability to do the difficult, right things. We seek people with generous natures and high standards of fairness. We treat work as more than just a way to make a living, but a significant part of our lifestyles.
  • In turn, we offer work that is varied and challenging. As a relatively small firm, you will work directly with senior-level professionals, and can therefore expect to be able to develop your skills faster than in a larger firm. We give our team members responsibility as they are prepared to handle it, not based on a lock-step promotion schedule.

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