Wireless Consolidation’s Impact on the Incentive Auctions

By Armand Musey | November 5, 2012

Since the discussion of the television broadcast incentive auctions began a few years ago, the US wireless industry has significantly consolidated. In the past 12 months the following major transactions have reshaped the industry: Verizon’s buys Spectrum Co, signaling the probably end of the cable industry’s interest in entering the industry; T-mobile buys MetroPCS and…

Incentive Auction NPRM & Plight of Low Powered TV Stations

By Armand Musey | October 25, 2012

While there has been a lot of discussion about the FCC’s October 2nd Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for the incentive auctions, the plight of low powered television stations has been somewhat neglected. These stations hold secondary licenses and are allowed to operate on their frequency allocation subject to them not interfering with the primary…

Foreign Wireless Companies Buying their US Counterparts….

By Armand Musey | October 17, 2012

The past few weeks we have seen two major wireless transactions announced.  First Deutsche Telecom backed  T-mobile announced an acquisition MetroPCS and late last week the Japan’s Softbank announced it was paying $20 billion for a 70% interest in Sprint.  Why does foreign firms find US wireless companies so attractive?  On first blush, it does…

Top Law Journals Publish Articles Detailing the Quasi-Property Rights of Television Broadcasters in their FCC Licenses and the Impact on the Spectrum Reallocation Process

By Steve Sands | October 13, 2012

Two Leading law journals recently published academic papers concerning property rights in FCC spectrum license rights written by Summit Ridge Group, LLC president and founder J. Armand Musey. The papers address the significant issue of the quasi-property rights television broadcasters hold in their spectrum licenses and how that impacts the FCC’s options for reallocating that…

Super WiFi Summit Takeaways

By Armand Musey | October 7, 2012

I just returned from the “Super WiFi Summit” in Austin, TX (Oct 3-5).  The range of speakers – from major companies including Microsoft and Texas Instrument to start-up entrepreneurs and various policy experts (including Blaire Levin and Michael Calabrese as well as some international policymakers)  indicated a robust WiFi industry.  A general theme was ne of disappointment in the…

Second Paper on TV Broadcasters’ Property Rights in their FCC License Published

By Armand Musey | September 26, 2012

My second paper on television broadcasters’ potential property rights in their spectrum was recently published in the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review. This paper is a detailed legal analysis of the subject.  My prior paper on the subject, was a policy-oriented paper about potential equitable solutions to the dilemma of reallocating television spectrum. Broadcasting Licenses:…

Introductory Presentation on Summit Ridge Group, LLC

By Armand Musey | August 1, 2012

Summit Ridge Group, LLC’s new introductory presentation regarding the valuation and strategic advisory services we offer. Summit Ridge Group, LLC from Summit Ridge Group, LLC Feedback and questions are always welcome.

Telecom Exchange 2012

By Armand Musey | June 29, 2012

I spent an interesting day at Telecom Exchange 2012 on Wednesday June 27th at the fabled Cipriani on Wall Street. While there were also plenty of major company announcements, I’ll leave commenting on those to the many qualified industry observers and instead focus on macro connections between industry segments. The conference was a step away…

Television Broadcast Spectrum Reclamation Through Eminent Domain Paper Published

By Armand Musey | June 6, 2012

My paper “How the Traditional Property Rights Model Informs the Television Broadcasting Spectrum Rationalization Challenge” has been published in the Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal – 34 Hastings Comm. & Ent. L.J. 145 (2012). While some of the issues have been overshadowed by recent incentive auction legislation, the conceptual framework is likely to be…

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