Valuation & Financial Consulting

Summit Ridge Group is an internationally recognized provider of business valuation and financial consulting services in the telecommunications, media, and satellite industries globally. Since 2008, clients have engaged us to work on complex valuation-related matters involving high stakes transaction decisions, litigation support, or financial restructuring matters. Projects are often related to hard-to-value businesses or the valuation of intangible assets such as wireless spectrum licenses or satellite orbital slot authorizations. We pride ourselves on being able to promptly complete complex valuation projects that are able to withstand intense scrutiny.


Summit Ridge Group professionals serve a range of client needs while focused exclusively on the telecom, media, and satellite sectors including:

  • Valuation and appraisal for transaction support (including due diligence and fairness opinions), financial reporting, and dispute resolution. We have particular expertise in television broadcasting, wireless, including spectrum/FCC licenses, and satellite communications.
  • Financial consulting including forensic financial analysis, company financial analysis, and business plan review.
  • Industry research for companies and investors seeking in-depth analysis of topics for making important decisions. Assignments may include analysis of market trends, technology developments, industry margins, strategy, or some combination.
  • Litigation support and expert witness testimony for matters in requiring financial and valuation skills, as well as recognized industry, expertise in the telecom, media, or satellite sectors.

Our ability to add highly respected industry expertise to our financial and valuation-related skills, differentiates the quality of service we can provide.

Our clients are typically looking for more than just a numerical valuation conclusion. They also seek insight and potential solutions to a particular situation or challenge they are facing. Summit Ridge Group focuses exclusively on the communications industry. Our professionals' years of experience in a variety of functions within the industry provides us the deep knowledge of our communications sector focus areas needed to quickly assess our clients' needs. We provide clients with substantive insights into the value drivers and market dynamics of the communications sector that our clients are involved with, their companies and the situations our clients ask us to analyze.