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Summit Ridge Group is the leading financial and business valuation consulting boutique focused exclusively on the telecommunications, media, and satellite industries globally. Our senior team members are highly qualified valuation professionals and widely recognized experts in their communications sector niches. Since 2008, clients have engaged us to work on complex valuation-related matters involving high stakes transaction decisions, litigation support, or financial restructuring matters. Projects are often related to hard-to-value businesses or the valuation of intangible assets such as wireless spectrum licenses or satellite orbital slot authorizations.

Summit Ridge Group professionals serve a range of client valuation-related needs while maintaining our exclusive focus in the telecom, media, and satellite sectors including:

Our ability to combine highly respected industry insight with our financial and valuation-related skills differentiates the quality of service we can provide.

Our clients are typically looking for a highly trained team ready to deliver exceptional performance, prepared for any contingency, and able to persevere. Our team members work together every day enabling us to be highly coordinated and efficient. We are ready to sweat the details and dig deep into critical issues to overcome obstacles and meet clients' objectives. We pride ourselves on promptly completing complex financial analysis and valuation projects that can withstand intense scrutiny. Additionally, our clients usually expect more than just a numerical valuation conclusion or a yes/no answer. They also seek insight and potential solutions to a particular situation or challenge they are facing. Summit Ridge Group focuses exclusively on the communications sector - telecom, media, and satellite. Our industry and functional expertise allow us to efficiently assess our clients' needs and provide substantive insights into the value drivers and market dynamics of the matters related to their matter. 

Blog Posts

Summit Ridge Group Managing Director E. Barlow Keener Appointed Co-Chair of FCBA Wireless Telecommunications Committee

NEW YORK (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 Summit Ridge Group, LLC announced today that Managing Director E. Barlow Keener, JD, CIPP, has been appointed Co-chair of the Federal Communications Bar Association’s (“FCBA”) Wireless Telecommunications Committee for the 2020-2021 ...
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Q2 Broadcaster Review – Somewhat Worse than Expected

We all knew that the Second Quarter of 2020 was going to be bad financially for broadcasters.  And it was.  But a review of FQ22020[1] financial results filed with the SEC by publicly-traded radio and television ...
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FCC’s CBRS Bidders Reveal Indicates Broad Interest from New Entrants and Incumbents

The FCC’s CBRS auction results are in, showing an upswing of diverse interest in mid-band spectrum across industries and geographies. The national wireless operators Verizon and DISH dominated the auction, but cable and wireline telcos also ...
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CBRS Auction Update: Overlapping EBS Coverage May Impact Price More Than Population Density

CBRS auction (FCC Auction #105) bidding seems to deviate from the traditional trend of license territories in more densely populated territories clearing higher prices than those in less densely populated areas. Instead, pricing appears to be ...
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Veteran Media and Telecom Appraisal Expert, Bill Redpath, ASA, CFA, CPA, ABV joins Summit Ridge Group

NEW YORK (PRWEB) May 6, 2020  Summit Ridge Group, LLC announced today that William “Bill” Redpath has joined the firm today as a Managing Director. Bill will augment Summit Ridge’s media and telecom valuation and financial consulting practice. Bringing more than 30 years of industry valuation experience, Bill will enhance Summit Ridge Group’s growing leadership position in valuation ...
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Summit Ridge Group, LLC Provides Department of Justice Antitrust Division with Financial and Wireless Industry Analyses for the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Review

Summit Ridge Group, LLC today announced that it provided financial and mobile wireless industry analyses for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the $26 billion merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. NEW YORK (PRWEB) April 21, ...
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